Trying to do the best for hotels and also the travel world, Booking World ltd developed another important service for the entertainment of the customers and the need to add music in the specific hotel places or services.

MusicFlavours.com is a professional music playlist rental, providing music for specific occasions or business place, such as Hotels, Cafeterias, Bars, Restaurants, Shopping centers or other businesses. The provided music playlists are well maintained by music professionals and experts and designed by music psychologists in order to fit perfectly in the specific business places.


Besides the ready-made play lists, it can be done custom made (on demand) music play lists for specific business types, occasions or needs. The music can be streamed online directly by MusicFlavours.com website and transferred to the sound system. There is no need for downloading.

Legal & Affordable

MusicFlavours.com produces also royalty free music, which is completely copyright clear and legal, so you don’t have to pay additional fees to copyright holders. With our simple and affordable licensing options, you’ll only pay for the usage you require.

How it works

We’ve simplified music listening. Browse our music playlists, listen to the demos, and purchase the rental package online with a credit card or Paypal account. Then, listen your music immediately!