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reception bellBooking-World.com is not a Travel Agent or Tour Operator. Booking-World.com is a technology platform which alows the htoeliers to promote their hotel inventoryto the public and operates also as an Online Distribution System (ODS), distributing this iventory to third parties on a B2B basis.

By joining Booking-World.com community, the hoteliers can:


  • Increased room sales
  • Control over your inventory
  • Not obligation for minimum available rooms
  • Real-time tracking system
  • Extensive partner distribution network. Connections to additional worldwide sales channels
  • Credit card guarantee
  • Low commission-based model or Annual fee based
  • Choose your services from a wide range of free services, such as Special Offers, Events, etc
  • Participation in the worldwide Booking-World.com system
  • Global marketing in the press and on TV, presence at international trade fairs (own stand at biggest tourism trade fairs worldwide)
  • Unlimited hotel photos for Booking-World.com Hotel Profile.
  • The hotel self-administration tool: Ideal for flexibly managing your latest room and price offers and package deals, Special Offers and Events.
  • Support for you and your staff. Booking-World.com is available to answer your specialist questions daily from 7 am to midnight CET, and to provide support in managing your data, prices and blocking dates.
  • Flexibility on payment method. Booking-World.com customers generally pay direct at the hotel (there is no voucher system).
  • You are always free to decide how many rooms you want to let out through Booking-World.com - and at what price
  • You are not obliged to keep fixed room quotas available for Booking-World.com
  • Booking-World.com adds no surcharges to the prices you quote
  • There are no extra costs for bookings made through travel agents using Booking-World.com B2B system